10 Simple life hacks to make your life easier

Everyone loves to know some life hacks to make sure you are never burned out while performing simple tasks or may make your life easy and comforting with the same things you already have.

Most of us feel like having no solution to some of our problems and to get the solution for our problems we are always ready to spend most o our earnings. The hard side is that you are never sure that after spending lots and lots of money you will have a guaranteed easy life on a daily basis.

So, despite spending lots of money to get your desired gadgets, why not try some simple tricks to make sure you are never in trouble due to some silly things that happen around you or with you for various reasons.

#1: Cannot touch your smartphone screen due to gloves in winter

You might have noticed that in cold season when you are wearing gloves, you will never be able to work with your touch screen functions on your mobile and you have to put off your gloves to make a call or check your messages.

There is a simple life hack for such a situation. You just need a 2A or 3A battery in your pocket and use it on the screen of your mobile to work on it. But be sure not to use it too often or don’t put scratches on the screen.

#2: Finding the sticking tape lost end

Almost every one of us has to find the lost end of the tape that we want to use for some reason on a daily basis. In order to find it quickly, you can just use your tongue because the tongue is more sensitive as compared to the finger tips and you will find the end quickly.

#3: Sealing the plastic bag with your knife

You can use your kitchen knife as your sealer. Just heat the knife on a gas stove and use it to cut the open end of your plastic bag. It will seal the plastic bag and will make it water proof.

#4: Checking your remote control

If you are not sure why your TV remote is not working. Put the remote’s anterior end right in front t of your mobile camera and it will help you see if the remote is showing a weak light or blinking light due to the weak batteries inside.

#5: Make unique writing fonts

If you need to create manual writing fonts, you can tape 2-3 pens together having different colors and types and write with it. You will get beautiful fonts without any computer tactic or design.

#6: Make your own tea cup or glass coaster

By using a hot glue gun you can make your own teacup coasters. Just put some glue in a certain pattern on a glass, leave it to dry and paint it with your desired color, your tea coaster is ready to use.

#7: Make your own hand warmers in winters

You can make your own hand warmers with a simple little trick. Just wrap a 2 A battery in an aluminum foil and your hand warmer is ready. You can test its working by using a multimeter that will show the current flow in the warmer.

#8: Sharpening your scissors

Scissors get blunt over time. If you want to sharpen your scissor and have no time to do so, just cut some aluminum foil or paper with it. The scissors will be sharpened within a few minutes.

#9: Remembering the exact positioning of your shower settings for correct water temperature for bathing

When you need to remember the exact positioning of your shower valve where you get the best temperature to bathe, just put two dots with the nail polish one at the moving part and the other on the stable one and you will always get the best temperature to take bath.

#10: Keeping your hands safe from paint without wearing gloves

If you don’t have gloves and still have to paint, using a spray paint, you can put any ordinary hand cream on your hands and let your hands paint anything. After that, you can just wipe out the paint with a tissue or damp towel without leaving a drop behind.

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